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Wholesale Information


Wholesale Requirements

Wholesale Buyer Badge

All of our events are open to the public and family friendly. We also offer a wholesale only area at our gem shows. Are you a wholesale buyer looking to make bulk purchases at our show? You obtain a wholesale buyer badge to get access to the wholesale room when you enter the hall at the registration desk.  Just show your sales tax or business license at that time.

Please have a copy of the following information, or print the registration form below and fill it out in advance:

  1. Your Business Name

  2. Your Business license # or your tax resale license number

  3. The state your business is registered in

We issue badges at the entrance when you arrive at the show. Ask the ticket takers for your wholesale buyers badge. Wholesale buyers receive $1 off general admission.  There are no additional wholesale registration fees. Additionally, many vendors in the main showroom offer wholesale or bulk volume discounts. Simply ask any vendor in the showroom if they offer wholesale or bulk pricing. Show your wholesale badge if you have been issued one.


We need a state issued business license number or tax resale number to issue a wholesale buyer badge at the door.   An EIN is not sufficient for resale purchases.

Registration Form::



City, State, Zip:


For The Trade Only For Wholesale Room Admission::


Business Name:

Business or Tax Re-Sale #:

Where did you hear about the Gem Show?

[ __ ] Mailing

[ __ ] Newspaper (which one?)

[ __ ] Magazine

[ __ ] Billboard

[ __ ] Social Media

[ __ ] Online Search

[ __ ] Other (details, please)

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