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Vendors List

June 2023 Vendors List

Our June 2023 Gem Miner's Jubilee Show vendors list is below.
June Show event features 40+ unique vendors with stunning treasures, gems, handmade jewelry and craft Items for you. Vendor spaces are limited. Please contact Teresa Schwab through the Contact section of this site.

Coming Next: Our Gem Miner's Jubilee Show in Lebanon PA  August 18-20, 2023. Watch this site for more details!

Company Name

A & J Gems

Alan's Quality Minerals

Amber America

Anita's Crystals & Gifts

Ashby's Agates

Atlantic Estate Jewelry

Barry's Jewelers Supplies

Bary Gems INC

Beadman Greg

The Bead Warehouse/Marvin Schwab

C and I International Inc.

Crafty Fox

Crystal Mine Brazil

Eclectic by Design

Emery Lapidary 

Ethiopian Gems

GTC Rock Shop

The Garney Stone

Gary's Gem Garden

Gemstones from the Earth

Ginger Mysteries

Hanna's Gems & Minerals

The Interstellar Collection

LM Lapidary Arts

Land of Crystals

M.C. Brown Collections

Malachite & Gems of Africa

May's Gallery

Mercury Minerals Co.


Rick's Finds

Sagicorp LLC

Shelly's Traveling Rock Shop

Silverbridge Inc

Southern Star Rocks & Minerals

Sugar Valley Bismuth Farm

SuperTime Int'l Corp.


Trans Union Gem & Mineral

Unique Jewelry & Gems

Unique To You Gem & Jewels

Valley of Gems

Vendor Name

Alan Wong

Alan and Elise Benson

Urszula Tomasik

Anita Swayne

Denise & Brian Ashby

Brian Diener

Barry Berlin

Mohamed Bary

Greg Pappas

Marvin and Teresa Schwab

Calixto Santos

Crystal Fox

Kenneth S. Armstrong

Michele McMurtry

Bernie Emery

Mubarek Allumani

Tom Cummins

Brendan Garney

Gary Weinstein

Timothy Morgan

Lisa Renee McNary

Nelie Hanna

Brett Joseph Cohen

Lorrie Misel

Cherylanne Branch

Morgan C. Brown

Max Mpoyi Muteba

May Wan

Andrew Newell

Brad Rosen

Rick Roffeld

Bimal Rai

Shelly Norris

Louis Liu

Bob Farrar

John Paul

Mary Wei

Laura & Naomi Belkin

Mark & Karen Newman

Yelena Efeenmona

Lisa Schikner

Shahid & Kathy Rogers

Plan on visiting our show June 3-4 2023 - Admission is only $5 when you order online, or $6 at the door for the whole event!

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