Vendors List

August 2021 Vendors as of July 26th

August 2021 Vendors List Below

Our August 2021 Jubilee vendors list is below. Our summer show features over 70 vendors and an outdoor tailgate area full of amazing gem finds. Our November Holiday gift event features over 60+ unique vendors with stunning treasures, gems, handmade jewelry and craft gifts for you.

Company Name

A & J Gems

Alan's Quality Minerals

Amazon Imports

Amber America

Amorco Essence, Inc

Barry's Jewelers' Supplies

Beadman Greg

Berkshire Minerals & Fossils

Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery

Broken Back Minerals

C and I International Inc.

Carved Opal & Obsidian

Caver Dave Rocks

Central PA Rock and Mineral Club, Inc.

Cherlys Trading

Crystal Cove PA

Crystal Mine

Dellapietro Designs

Dikra Gem Inc.

Dreaming Lion

Eclectic by Design

Emery Lapidary

The Enku Connection, LLC

Etheric Connections

Exotic Minerals

Extinctions, Inc.

Fowler Wirewrapping

Gary's Gem Garden

Gemistry Jewelry

Gems & Jewels Rock

GemStoned & Pearl Time

Gemstones from the Earth

Geosol Imports

Greg's Cabochons

Griffins Nest Jewelry

Haas Artistry

Henry's Gems

Highland Rock LLC

Howard Schlansker

Hunza Gems



Inner Circle Gifts

J & T Presitgious Products, LLC

John E. Garsow Gems & Minerals

Joyful Awakenings

KBT Minerals

Larimar/Hard Rock USA

Lehigh Minerals

Malachite & Gems of Africa

Mark Oliver Gems

Marvin Schwab/The Bead Warehouse

May's Gallery

Michigan Rocks & Minerals

Miller's Metal and Mineral Mine

Minerals America

Minerals of the World by Jonathan

Minhas Gems & Minerals

Momma's Rocks, LLC

Moroccan Fossils Inc.

New Century Int'l Wholesale

New Goddess Studio

North Lake Trading Co

Opulent Gems

Pamela's Jewelry


Pennsylvania Geological Survey

Purple Gem

Robbins Jewelry

Rocko Minerals

Sagicorp LLC

Silverbridge Inc.

Super Time Intn'l Corp

The Rock Shop

TJ's Rocks and Gem Crafts

Unique Gems & Lapidary Art

Unique Russian Minerals

Valley of Gems

Warren Gonzales

Woodies Rock Shop

Vendor Name

Alan Wong

Alan Benson

Joe DeCristoforo

Urszula Tomasik

Aracelis Delos Santos

Barry Berlin

Greg Pappas

Carol Ann Homon

Bob Boyd

Eric Meier

Calixto Santos

Larry Castle

Dave Mitchell

Betsy Oberheim

Hary Zajlo

Michael Prinkey

Kenneth S. Armstrong

Philip A. Dellapietro

David Kramer

Gary Braithwaite

Michele McMurtry

Bernie Emery

David Horton III

Lloyd & Leslie Dull-Runkle

Dmitry Belakovskiy

Steve Hess

Selina & Ernie Fowler

Gary Weinstein

Andy & Sue McWilliams

Mary Strauss

Joanna Toepfer

Timothy Morgan

Robert Evans

Greg Graupp

Sandy Martinez

Brian & Michele Haas

Henry Laskowski

Richard Eisenman

Howard Schlansker

Syed Shah

Andrew Potter

John Von Blauch (JR)

Mary Cox

Jodi Stoltz

John E. Garsow

Anita Swayne

Thomas Taaffe

Ron Inden

James McEwen

Max Mpoyi Muteba

Mark Mound

Marvin Schwab

May Wan

Cory Cotter

Eric W. Miller

Michael Jacob

Jonathan Feigin

Saleem Minhas

Christine Daniel

Youssef Allam

Huali Yu/Kathleen Bai

Norma Heslep

Roger Golba

Ron Kapuschinsky

Pamela Blair

Richard Ruozzi

Stephen Shank

Dale Norley & Alan Uchin

E. A. Robbins

Robert Rosenblatt

Bimal Rai

Louis Liu

Peter Wei

Jesse Chinshiva

Sherry Ennis

Philip Benedict

Alexander Balagula

Kathy Rogers & Shahid

Warren Gonzales

Stephen Woodruff

Plan on visiting our show coming up in August 2021 - Admission is only $5 with coupon for the whole 3 day event!