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Vendors List

November 2023 Vendors List

Our November 2023 Gem Miner's Holiday Show vendors list is below.
November Show event features 80+ unique vendors with stunning treasures, gems, handmade jewelry and gift and craft Items for you. Vendor spaces sold out. Please contact Teresa Schwab through the Contact section of this site to be put on a waiting list.

Coming Next: Our Gem Miner's Spring Show in Howard Co. (Baltimore) MD,  June 8-9, 2024 and Gem Miner's Jubilee in Lebanon PA  August 16-18, 2024.

Company Name

A & J Gems

AF Silver Design LLC - Wholesale

Afrikeur Mining - Wholesale

Alan's Quality Minerals

A & S Opals, LLC

AS Gems

Amber America

Amorco Essence Inc.

Anita's Treasures

Atlantic Estate Sales

Barry's Jewelers Supplies

Bary Gems INC

Beadman Greg

Benchwork/Jewelry Repair


Bihn of Rocks

Black Cat Rocks & Minerals

Bootlegger Bo's Gem Mine

Boyd's Cardinal Hollow Winery

The Bead Warehouse/Marvin Schwab

C and I International Inc.

Casablanca Exports LLC

Celestial Gemstone Inc.

Crystal Concentrics
Crystal Cricket

Crystal Mine Brazil

Deep Creek Glass Worx

Dikra Gem Inc.

Diversified Concepts

Doorway to Crystals

Dreaming Lion

Eclectic by Design

Earthworks Imports


Erika's Bead Creative

Ethiopian Gems

FS Minerals

Fowlers Wirewrapping

GTC Rock Shop  - Wholesale

GTG Gems Corp

Gary's Gem Garden

The Gemeral Store

GemSpace Enterprises (Gembassador) Whl

Gemstones from the Earth

Ginger Mysteries

Warren Gonzales

Good Beads World Inc. - Wholesale

Greg's Cabochons

Heavenly Healing

Highland Rock

Hoffman Minerals - Wholesale

Hunza GC Corp

Imperial Gems - Wholesale

The Interstellar Collection


Jan Crystals & Minerals

Khyber Gemstone

LM Lapidary Arts

La Amatista

M.C. Brown Collection

MF Black Opals

Magical Journey - Wholesale

Malachite & Gems of Africa

Mark Oliver Gems

Mercury Minerals Co.

Minerals America TM.

Minhas Minerals


Moe's Rock Shop

Moroccan Fossils

NG Gems & Jewels

North Lake Trading Co.

Pamela's Jewelry

Pam's Beaded Treasure

Rick's Finds

Ridge Valley Original Gems

Rising Aurora

Rocksity LLC

Sagicorp LLC

Singaraja Imports

Sugar Valley Bismuth Farm

SuperTime Int'l Corp. - Wholesale

TG Trade Inc.

TJ's Rocks - Wholesale

TJ's Legacy Rocks & Gemstones

Tibet Craft Inc. 

Tibet Craft Inc. - Wholesale

Unicorn Faith, Finds + Crystals

Valley of Gems

Will of the Wisp Crystals


Vendor Name

Alan Wong

Islamudin Khorqui

Musa Daramy

Alan and Elise Benson

Adam Sawicki

Aderildo Santos

Urszula Tomasik

Aracelis Delos Santos

Anita Swayne

Brian Diener

Barry Berlin

Mohamed Bary

Greg Pappas

Martha Westbrook

Matiullah Abasin

Bailey Bihn

Brandon Chamberlain

Richard (Bo) Rinish

Bob Boyd

Marvin and Teresa Schwab

Calixto Santos

Heather Callahan & Anas Khenaffre

Vivian Xue

Kyle Russell

Brian & Michele Haas

Kenneth S. Armstrong

Tanner Sweeney

David Kramer

James, Amy, Jon Hegedus

Mike Lecrone

Gary Braithwaite

Michele McMurtry

Stone Griffin

Michael Ng

Erika Hartke

Mubarek Allumani

Frank Stanski

Selina & Ernest Fowler

Tom Cummins

Gopal Gurung

Gary Weinstein

Ted Chiaparas

Brian Borgea

Timothy Morgan

Lisa R. McNany

Susan and Warren Gonzales

John Yau

Greg Graupp

Gerry Christopher

Doug & Lynette Mokry 

Jen Jackson/John Hoffman

Syed Shah

William Au/Winnie Lam

Brett Joseph Cohen

JR von Blauch

Rahim Jan

Rahat Khan

Lorrie Misel

Diego Cusano

Morgan Brown

Matthew Forman

Tony Benvenuto

Max Mpoyi Muteba

Mark Mound

Andrew Newell

Michael Jacob

Saleem Minhas

Brad Rosen

Simohamed Benzriouil

Youssef and Amin Allam

Norma Heslep

Roger Golba

Pamela J. Blair

Pamela J. Wanner

Rick Roffeld

Amanda and Rich Meier

Guangxia Hazlewood

John Welty

Bimal Rai

Jerry Visconti

John Paul

Peter Wei

Thondup Gyaltsen

TJ Ennis

Sherry Ennis

Tsebum & Palzom Dorjee

Tsebum & Palzom Dorjee

Sara Santiago

Shahid & Kathy Rogers

Amanda Balthuser

Cliff & Wendy  Overdorf

Plan on visiting our show June 8th-9th 2024. Admission is only $5 when you order online, or $6 at the door for the whole event!

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